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This is to inform the public that AND Financing Corporation doing business under the name and style “etomo” (formerly “LendPinoy”) is NOT IN ANY WAY connected or affiliated with the “LendPinoy” app currently found and downloadable in Google Playstore.

Please be informed that AND Financing Corporation is no longer using the trade name “LendPinoy” in doing business, but it DID NOT authorize the developers of this “LendPinoy” mobile app to use the “LendPinoy” trade name, which the company still owns.

Any and all attempts of the developer of this “LendPinoy” mobile app to associate itself with AND Financing Corporation is UNAUTHORIZED and FRAUDULENT. Hence, we strongly urge the public to not in any way access or deal with this mobile app.

Please refer to our Facebook page to know more about it.

How to apply etomo loan app stey by step!

Ready to take the first step toward your financial goals?

Joining the etomo family is as easy as 1-2-3! Discover how to register on our app and start your journey towards financial stability. 🌟💳

1. Click get started

2. Allow etomo to access your location

3. Check the basic criteria of etomo

4. Create an account

5. Provide mobile number so etomo can send one time pin and create password

6. Answer verification sheet

7. Answer personal information

8. Answer home address should be filled out

9. Fill out employment information

10. Financial status part will require you to declare your payslip

11. After all the Application Form

12. etomo team will check if you’re eligible for the loan

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