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This is to inform the public that AND Financing Corporation doing business under the name and style “etomo” (formerly “LendPinoy”) is NOT IN ANY WAY connected or affiliated with the “LendPinoy” app currently found and downloadable in Google Playstore.

Please be informed that AND Financing Corporation is no longer using the trade name “LendPinoy” in doing business, but it DID NOT authorize the developers of this “LendPinoy” mobile app to use the “LendPinoy” trade name, which the company still owns.

Any and all attempts of the developer of this “LendPinoy” mobile app to associate itself with AND Financing Corporation is UNAUTHORIZED and FRAUDULENT. Hence, we strongly urge the public to not in any way access or deal with this mobile app.

Please refer to our Facebook page to know more about it.

Financial Products available in the Market

What are the Different Types of Financial Products Available in the Market?

A financial market is a platform that facilitates the transaction between two parties that trade financial products. This means various financial institutions offer their products to those who are trying to raise funds to multiply their ventures, expecting good returns or at times, make ends meet. These markets are classified into different kinds of financial products.

Financial products are issued by banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, the government, or finance companies that often provide financial services to consumers, businesses, and organizations. This kind of product is usually a contractual agreement between two parties, one of which establishes an ongoing monetary relationship for a period, along with possible services that facilitate the relationship. The contract agreement is typically summarized with extensive legal provisions in a term sheet that will specify the exchange of monetary value at various points regarding the duration of the product, which in return are both beneficial for the institution and the consumers.

There are different products in the market nowadays that cater to many different needs of people who avail them. Examples of these are as follows:

  • Shares, which is also known as stock, represent part ownership of a company. They are typically sold on public trading markets in exchange for digital monetary value. Investors pay a specific price for several shares in hopes for the value of it will eventually increase overtime. Companies selling shares receive the funds needed to keep its services and operations continuous. Shares can also earn dividends which represent a portion of the company’s profits that are then returned to its shareholders. This is the kind of investment that has very high risks in regards of loss, but rewards may be a thousand percent or more in return, depending on the corporation that you invested in.
  • Bonds are financial products that represent a debt that issuing companies owe to their  investors. Unlike shares, the investor does not have an ownership claim. This kind of  investment has lower risks and return than shares do. Investors change cash that is paid  back by the companies at a certain date in the future, along with the interest.  Investment funds are financial products that consist of the money market, equity, or  bond funds. They do not usually invest in a particular source or company. These are  sources of funds to purchase stocks, bonds, or low-risk investments in order to reduce risk. Depending on an investor’s goals, investment funds range from international and  high-risk shares to stable bonds with low rates of return like a saving account.
  • Warrants consists of options to buy and options to sell a financial product, and the  investor does not have ownership status. Options are the privilege to buy or sell shares  at a certain price, whereas warrants are the privilege to buy or sell bonds. The premise  behind these investments is referred to as hedging. It is the hope that the market value  of the stock or bond will decrease or increase in a way the investor predicts.
  • Insurance is a form of risk management and protection from financial loss. It is a  product provided by insurers whereby such service providers undertake to pay loss from  certain risks or to grant a specified amount in connection with risk contingencies.
  • Loans are a type of credit product in which a sum of money is lent to another party in  exchange for future repayment of the value. Most cases, the financial institutions that  lend also adds interest and/or finance charges to the principal value. One example of  this financial and loaning company is AND Financing Corporation that offers different  loans with low interest rates like term and revolving loans.

In the end, financial products that are available in the market have different and useful concepts that we must grasp. Every aspect of the economy depends on assets and contracts that financial products have. All financial products have each of their own level of risks as this will also depend on the risk appetite of the consumers, so it is up to them to determine the ones that are the most beneficial to avail. In the trading industry, it is important to understand each of these products for better navigation of the market. When trading and investing your money, there will always be an incentive to have several sources of income through several investments. Investments differ based on the type of financial product that you need and know about. If you are planning to purchase a financial product that is flexible and convenient to use, revolving loans are a great option to consider.

AND Financing Corporation’s CashaBuy loan is a credit line that gives you the option to borrow, withdraw, pay, and withdraw again. This is our own flexible financial product loan that gives you an allotted time and availability for continuous use. It gives you the benefit of no use, no pay, and you can withdraw on an as-needed basis. It is best used for business, investments, and home renovations, but with our own CashaBuy, we can also cater to your cosmetics, dental, and optical needs.

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